My Summer Parenting Mantra

Some people believe the Holidays are the most magical time of year, but I say it has to be summer. Maybe its the long days or possibly the warm weather, but summertime is when the kids grow up. They take more risks, they become explorers, and they see more of the world. Summer offers everyone that extra energy to step outside their comfort zone. Summer gives the illusion of invincibility and timelessness.

Yes to one more stop at the park.
As parents we bend the rules, plan the trips and go that extra mile to give our kids those special memories to hold onto into adulthood. Some parents make a "summer bucket list" some extend the curfew, some plan a family trip, some enroll in all the extra activities, while others try to calm the busyness. No matter what camp you fall into the funny thing about summertime is the memories, moments and growing pains happen no matter what. That summertime energy moves us forward into growth whether we are intentional about it or not.

My summer parenting mantra is "say yes more often". Parenting is tiring and with the July heat it is so easy to want to hibernate inside and let the kids play their favorite Netflix movie on repeat. So now is the best time for a reminder to just go ahead and say yes. This mantra is the parenting version of "Carpe diem".

Yes to popsicles in afternoon.

Yes to that vacation even though its hard to travel with young kids. Yes to that toddler class even though it takes longer to get ready than the actual class. Yes to that late trip to get ice cream even though you've been looking forward to the kids bedtime since dinner ended. Yes to visit family and friends even though making sure your child behaves and doesn't destroy someone else's house is not really a relaxing time. Yes to one more story. Yes to windows down and music loud. Yes to the lemonade stand. Yes. Yes. Yes.

By choosing Yes a few more times in the summer instead of their usual routine I'm allowing them space to create a moment they may remember forever. That extra yes may seem small, but it has the opportunity to ignite a fire in their soul. Many times, when I am lucky, I get to be a part of that forever summertime memory.

Yes to more walks around the baby pool.