Saying Goodbye to the Baby Years

My girls were not particularly easy babies. I never fell in love with the newborn stage. Only in reflection can you truly appreciate the fleeting moments of babyhood. Since my youngest turned one last month those reflections and milestones have turned into raw emotion that the baby stage is over. When I look around my house there are no more swings, pack and plays or jingly toys. No more burp rags, swaddles or teethers. All the worry about a baby registry and which jumper has the best reviews seem so naive now. If a stranger came to my house they would ask how old my kids are; no mention of a baby.

I can only try to reflect and etch into my memory those first years. What are the little things that I should have savored just a little bit more? Did I miss anything?

When my youngest was still a baby she would sleep in her infant car seat while I shopped, but now its constant chatter and chasing with her sister. That sleeping baby face in the shopping cart; I want to remember a little better.
Toothless baby smiles are the best.

My baby's first smiles were when I would say "I love you" in a sing song voice. Every time I sang I love you I was guaranteed a baby smile. How awesome is that? It would always brighten my day. I want to remember that song and smile, a little better, because that has all changed now.

My oldest had the most serious dark eyes as a baby. The passer by at the store could rarely get a smile from her. My oldest was the one that saved the smiles for the ones closest to her. Those dark serious baby eyes I want to remember a little better.

Those baby years are the beginning of their story. As their mother I get to have a staring role in this first chapter, but that won't always be true. They tell their story everyday to me when I learn more about their unique personalities. My oldest is strong willed, loves the outdoors and is an avid bookworm. My youngest is friendly, loves music and is always ready to dance. As we move to the next chapter filled with preschool and play dates I hope I am able to keep the memories of their baby years still vivid in my mind. Like the way the hallway light fell on their face when I rocked them to sleep or the touch of their little baby hand that would grab so tightly to one finger.
Now my two toddlers.
I have no tricks or tips to offer on how to remember it all, maybe you do? I think most of the heartfelt moments can't be caught with a camera.


  1. Just have some of their pictures or some worth remembering moments you can think off and these memories will never fade away and will always be in your mind. Thats all from me.

    1. I'm good about taking pictures. I already love looking back at fondly.