That Time I Won at Parenting

During this stage of life I hear others saying the days are long but the years are short. Many days do feel oh so long. The constant battle and demands from a two year old and the constant movement from a one year old would wear even the best parents down. Needless to say my patience is tested daily.

Sisters sharing

I plan activities, outings, play with my girls on the floor and read stories throughout the week, yet when I look back at my days I tend to focus on the negative. The time I yelled. The time I slammed the door. The time I left the store early because I couldn't handle one more embarrassing moment. The time I put another video on just to get that extra quiet time. The time my baby ate ice cream and french fries for dinner. All those times that I didn't measure up to my expectations as a parent.


I want to focus on the joy, learning, and fun amidst the chaos. The small parenting wins mixed into our everyday life. Those small wins create a childhood of happiness. Those small wins keep a child's spirit upbeat. The small wins as a parent are often overshadowed by the big moments. The birthdays, the family vacations, and the graduations are splashed across social media, but the work as a parent can be found in the moments leading up to the celebrations.

That time I won at parenting...

My husband was gone on a work trip and I had been with both girls all day. As I started the girls their evening bath I was looking forward to the magical 8pm bedtime. Suddenly my toddler decides she doesn't want a bath. I picked her up and placed her in the tub trying to pretend I didn't hear her and we were just going along with our normal routine. She starts yelling that she isn't going to take a bath. So to avoid a power struggle or a meltdown I smiled and splashed a little water in the tub on her legs, then I splashed her sister. Soon her sister was splashing water and giggling with me. She dropped in the water to join in. The tantrum was avoided with some lighthearted play, humor, and water on the floor.

We finished up and went to get pajamas on. As I was putting towels away I returned to the bedroom to find my toddler trying to help with diapers by putting diaper cream on her sister. With another mess to clean up the bedtime was creeping later and moving into my relaxation time. I know yelling wouldn't make things move any quicker so I chose to enjoy the funny moments. I chose to laugh with my girls. I chose humor instead of anger. I chose to let go of the messes, come down to my daughters level and laugh.

Matching pjs make bedtime more fun


  1. Layla, you are such a great Mom!!!!Hang in there you are doing great! Happy Mothers Day! Love you! MARSHA

  2. Thanks Marsha! Happy mother's day to you too.