Simplify your Holidays: Less stuff & Less stress

I feel like my children get alot of stuff. I'm always trying to make room for something else in the house. There seems to always be the next holiday to buy for. I am not much of a shopper, yet my house seems to feel smaller and smaller.

Playing in the dirt outside.
As a child I didn't get a lot of stuff. No Christmas, no Easter basket, no extended family nearby that spoiled us, but guess what? I remember a really fun childhood and I still had plenty of stuff to play with. I remember playing outside in my playhouse "writing" stories. I remember digging in the dirt to find worms. I remember going to the library and bringing home a stack of books. I remember riding my bicycle up and down the street over and over again. I remember swinging on my tire swing. I remember playing barbies and school with my sister. I only remember two specific gifts during my childhood. A farting Ren and Stimpy doll and a baby doll I picked out myself at the store for my birthday. That's it. I got more gifts than that throughout my childhood, but I really don't remember.

Laying outside with her baby doll.
So Easter is upon us and I initially had planned to do an Easter basket because that was what I felt I had to do as a parent. This was one more thing I felt pressure to do and it required buying stuff we didn't really need. I already purchased a coloring book because she had used up her old ones and I was saving to put it in the basket. Today I went upstairs and brought down the coloring book for her to play with. She needed a coloring book, I got her a coloring book and she enjoyed it. No pressure to make a big basket, no fanfare, just a morning spent coloring together. 

Will she have an Easter egg hunt every year? That's my plan. It's a fun activity to do together. Will we visit family and have a big dinner. You bet, because that is always time well spent. Will I be making an Easter basket? No, I'm going to sit this one out. 

My words are not here to make others feel bad for that big beautiful Easter basket you are planning to make. You love the Easter Holiday? I say go for it. I'm writing so maybe someone else who feels excessive pressure to go all out and buy so much for every holiday can give themselves a break.

I want to be intentional and make each holiday what I think is best for my family. Christmas time can make me feel overwhelmed, but I love making birthdays feel really special. I like planning my kids birthdays and I hope to create some lifelong memories. So I'll focus on the birthday and maybe not worry if I don't partake in every Holiday tradition ever invented.

Waiting for "Trick or Treat"
If you love Halloween, spend money and time making that amazing costume. When Valentines day rolls around don't feel obligated to buy those heart shaped chocolates. Those matching 4th of July outfits you never got around to buying won't be what the kids remember anyways. Let go of the pressure for every activity and Holiday to be filled with Pinterest inspired gifts. The kids will be all right. Trust me, I know. I turned into a happy functioning adult without ever receiving an Easter basket.

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