66 days to a new normal

I feel like January gets a bad wrap. No one's favorite month is January. Its cold, and dark without any fun Holidays to look forward to. But I really like it. The craziness fun of Christmas has passed. No more secret Santa gift exchanges or choking down your 3rd pumpkin pie of the month. No worrying about travel or presents or kids tantrums because they're off their schedule. Just cold, dark, calmness and my introverted side relishes in it.

I love the feeling and energy a new year brings people. It gives us a chance to envision our best selves. You may be vowing to make changes, try new things or simply reflect on all that was overcome and enjoyed the previous year. Some may laugh at the new gym goers, but I cheer you on because change is hard. Breaking old habits and developing new habits takes time and discipline. Apparently science says it takes on average 66 days to make that new resolution stick into your routine. That's two months of putting one foot in front of the other toward your goal without giving up.

Each new year that rolls in will be  different and your changes will always be a little different (or a lot different). I spent a previous New Years eve about 10 years ago at Times Square waiting for the ball to drop, but this year I was rocking my 7 month old back to sleep when the fireworks were shooting off around me. I enjoyed both and they were both what I needed in my life at that time.

NYE Skiing

After some thought and reflection on what would make me feel the best in 2017 I made a few goals myself. In no particular order;
I plan to commit to writing a blog post at least  monthly.
I will complete a running/race event.
I will not yell at my children when they upset me (I am their role model).
Writing is a creative outlet for me, committing to a race event will increase my running, and losing my shit on my kids isn't good for anyone.
There it is. Hold me to it. 

So write down those goals with me. Push for day 66 or 67, or even 107.  Keep trying and stay true to that vision you had on New Years Day. Just keep swimming. 

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