Six month post-partum weight loss rules

My baby bug passed her 6 month milestone last month. So it has been 200 days without a full nights sleep, but who is counting? I had to figure out how to manage her acid reflux and a dairy sensitivity while continueing to nurse every 3 hours around the clock. Needless to say my own health has not been a priority. She is happily gaining weight while I am SLOWLY still losing that last baby weight.
Trying out the bike carriage with both girls

When I was in my 20s with my fast metabolism, plenty of free time to workout and uninterrupted sleep it was fairly easy to maintain healthy eating and workout regularly. As a mom to two small children it has been much more difficult to lose the last few pounds.  I have to find a babysitter to make it to the gym, the hormones from nursing make me feel like the cookie monster and my toddler constantly wants snacks, but never seems to eat anything we give her. Life is more complicated now.

Since Thanksgiving was spent enjoying my family in town and eating pumpkin pie the size of a deep dish pizza (Thanks Costco),  I want to make healthy living a bigger focus through the rest of the holiday season.
Impressive Thanksgiving Turkey!
Reflecting on my 6 month post-partum weight loss journey I realized there were a few things I did that helped me continue to lose weight and have more energy.

1. Food prep snacks

    If food prepping entire meals for the week seems daunting try food prepping snacks. I do not have an entire block of time to food prep for the week, but I am able to wash and cut up fresh fruit and veggies to be easily available for snacks through the week. This is extremely helpful since I love snacking throughout the day and most snack foods are processed.

 2. Do something active everyday

     Some days the activity should be strenuous and some days it will be a literal walk in the park. I have a few Jillian Michael DVDs I would do in the mornings while my toddler watched cartoons and my baby was content with some toys. I also would walk or run outside, and if I had a babysitter, make it to a fitness class or the gym. With my lack of sleep and my dependence on the rest of the family's schedule I had to be flexible with what fitness activity I could do. The key is I have to do something to move my body in a physical way daily.
It's a mess, but buys me 30 minutes to workout

3.  Fast for at least 12 hours in a 24 hour cycle

     I read a lot of science articles and right after I gave birth I read about a study that promoted only eating within a 8-12 hour window. Surprisingly this made me feel more energized and gave me awareness to when and how much I would eat. It also helped curb late night snacks. Give it a try because I am a believer now.

 4. Go to the grocery store prepared

     I am not much of a shopper, so grocery shopping with two babies is my own weekly nightmare. If I ever decide to join one of those meal delivery programs they would have a customer for life. I started finding 2-3 healthy meals a week and would take the ingredient lists with me to the grocery store. This made my late night Pinterest browsing more productive and I actually enjoyed cooking the new meals.

Since my last two weeks have been quite indulgent I put my goals in writing to keep moving forward through the end of the year. Here is to a Happy Healthy Holiday and sticking to your own lifestyle goals. Hopefully Santa brings me that 8 hours of sleep at night I have been wishing for.


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