Potty Prize: Wine please!

There is a wide age range when toddlers show they are ready to begin potty training. For me I wanted to get going on this thing once I realized my daughter was eating everything we ate; including Taco Bell. If you are able to eat fiesta potatoes with a fork then you are ready to use the toilet.
We had  purchased all the potty training supplies a few weeks prior so we were already $100 in  on this potty training thing and we still had a toddler content in using her diapers or our deck to take a poop. Both seemed like reasonable options to my daughter this past month. I had heard that the only thing worse than two kids in diapers is one child just out of diapers so needless to say I was avoiding the inevitable.

But then the day came, a week after her 2nd birthday I woke up and we had one diaper left. I had the choice to make a trip to Costco with my toddler and newborn in tow to buy a box of 1,345 diapers (that seems to be the quantity of everything sold at Costco, right?) or commit to this whole potty training thing. It took 3 days to potty train my strong willed child. These 3 days are not for the faint of heart. There will be poop and pee on everything including allover your husbands lap and all the training pants you bought, so make sure you buy plenty. 

This is what I learned:

1. Commitment. Repetition. Reward. These three basic concepts can be applied to learning any new skill for anyone.
Once I brought out her new potty doll and showed off her new training pants there was no going back to diapers. Even after the 4th change of underwear in 3 hours, do not waiver because there is no going back. I used a potty prize box she could pick her reward out of when she had a successful potty. This gives her some choice in the matter, and keeps her interested. The reward has to be something they REALLY want so don't start off with some healthy biscuits.

2. Make it fun. Motivation for any child or adult comes easier if things are going to be fun. She got a new doll that she could feed and take potty with her. We read potty books and made up silly potty songs. She loved the fact she got to watch a potty movie in the basement on our projector which is an area she rarely is allowed to go. She also peed in the basement while dancing around to her potty movie so I guess that is payback for having a child free space in our home.

3. Get comfortable with your new normal. At first you will miss the convenience of diapers and by day two you will wonder if there are potty training services for hire. I did not actually look into this but Craigslist seems to have just about anything... You will be spending a lot of time at home for a few days and also right by the toilet. Grab those sweatpants and delivery food and get used to talking about poop all day long.  I had to breastfeed my newborn sitting on the toilet waiting for my toddler to pee; like I said this isn't for the faint of heart.

I didn't go into the nitty gritty of how we accomplished potty training. But if you are in the throws of toddler parenthood and want a really good step by step outline this may be a good option Lucieslist or Pottyscotty.

I believe that parents deserve their own potty prize too. So after those first few days of success pop open your "nice" bottle of wine (or two) because you deserve it. Cheers!

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