8 weeks

I am 8 weeks away from the due date of my second daughter. Today I am reminded I will be saying goodbye to everyday life with just me and my toddler. My heart feels heavy.
I get to hold her anytime she asks and snuggle her tightly each morning when she wakes. She gets my full attention when I comb her hair in the bath and as she jabbers during playtime. I am fully engaged while we color pictures and when we hold hands going down steps. When she calls Mama, I am always available to help. 
How do I bring another child into OUR world? How can my heart, my actions, my attention and my patience be enough for two; when some days I only have enough to care for one small child? Does it all just fall into place? Am I supposed to be changing things now to help ease the transition later? 
I don't know how it works, but I have a feeling we will learn together. My toddler will find her way into her new role as big sister, but not without some tears first. My newborn will slowly learn about this new world and family she has joined, but not without some tears first. I will learn to care and teach two girls under two how to navigate this big world, but not without some tears first, 
I see these seasoned mamas do it everyday, so I know we will find our rhythm too as a family of four. But for now I will read my toddler an extra story each night and hold her hand every chance I get, before my hands are filled with a newborn baby.

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